Pickleball & Tennis Courts

Tennis & Pickleball at SAMLARC

SAMLARC is proud to offer a variety of spaces where Members and their guests can enjoy a friendly match of tennis or pickleball. There are several tennis courts throughout the community at various parks. SAMLARC's pickleball facilities are located at Altisima Park. 

Tennis & Pickleball Court Rules & Guidelines

The following rules must be observed at all times in addition to SAMLARC's General Facility Guidelines.

  1. Use of the Tennis and/or the Pickleball Courts is limited to Registered Residents and their guests during the specific hours posted at each facility.
  2. Tennis and/or Pickleball Courts may be used for 1 1/2 hours of playing time.  If, at the end of the play period there is no one waiting for the court, players may continue to play until another party arrives.  Individual players may not hold a court while others are waiting to play.
  3. Courts are available on a first come, first served basis, unless posted "reserved" for a SAMLARC Recreational class or Park Use Permit which take precedence over individual use.
  4. All players waiting to play (and spectators) must remain off the court area.  Parents bringing non-playing children must keep them supervised at all times.
  5. Tennis shoes (rubber soled shoes) are the only type of footwear permitted on the courts.
  6. The use of privately owned ball machines is permitted with the approval of SAMLARC.
  7. Rallying against the windscreens is not permitted.
  8. Food and beverages, other than water, are not permitted on the tennis pickleball courts.
  9. No animals, pets are allowed on the courts.