Parks Make Life Better

With summer blooming in the community, many families are making the most of the season by spending time outdoors at many of the pools, parks, and ballfields that SAMLARC is proud to maintain and operate.  SAMLARC offers thirteen (13) parks where families and friends can play, make memories, and relax in natural environments.  

SAMLARC parks play an important role in strengthening our community. They not only offer physical spaces to play and exercise, but also invite visitors to unplug and take in the colors, sounds, and textures of the natural world. SAMLARC Parks also stand as a tangible representation of SAMLARC’s vision for an “urban village,” blending wide open spaces that beautify community while offering modern amenities. 

Throughout the month of July, SAMLARC’s website and social media streams will showcase our community’s many parks and individuals who enjoy them. We invite you to share your favorite park memories with us by tagging @SAMLARC on social media or sharing a photo with SAMLARC at!