Board Bids Farewell to Director Villafana

At the October 25, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board accepted the resignation of Director Charles Villafana. Director Villafana has served the community for nearly six years in a variety of roles at SAMLARC – as Director, Secretary, and through multiple Committee appointments.

While on the Board, Director Villafana pursued projects that benefited both Members and the community at large. At his request, SAMLARC created an Insurance Review Committee to examine the Corporation’s insurance policies – resulting in significant savings. Additionally, he nurtured SAMLARC’s relationships with local youth sports organizations through the Sports Council, advocating for high-quality facilities whenever possible. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he served on the SAMLARC COVID-19 Executive Committee, balancing State mandates with SAMLARC operations. His contributions to the Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee protected SAMLARC’s ability to maintain the community. His insight was indispensable during the Lake Ecosystem Restoration Project, wherein he drew on his knowledge of marine ecology to restore the Lago Santa Margarita to a viable fishery.

Director Villafana's broader community involvement reflects SAMLARC’s mission to create an engaging lifestyle for Members. He has coached local youth football programs, actively participates at community events, and currently serves as the Scoutmaster of local Scouts Troop 727. The Board appreciates Director Villafana’s contributions during his service and wishes him continued success in future endeavors.