Board Meeting Highlights - February 2023

The SAMLARC Board of Directors held their monthly meeting on February 28, 2023 to discuss the projects and initiatives that maintain and enhance the SAMLARC community. The Board acted on the following key items:

  • Approved a request from the Bradley Rofer Foundation to conduct a Walk-a-Thon around the Lago Santa Margarita. The local nonprofit is dedicated to preserving the legacy and mission of young Bradley Rofer, who raised funds to assist children in need. The Walk-a-Thon is tentatively scheduled for April 2023. 
  • As recommended by the Insurance Review Committee, approved the renewal of insurance policies for the period of April 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024. 
  • In light of fluctuating gas costs, directed the adjustment of pool operations to begin heating Monte Vista and Solana pools during the last week of May 2023, and to set all pool heaters to 80 degrees. 
  • As recommended by the Landscape and Facilities Enhancement Committee (LFEC), approved a contract with Blueray Aquatic Services for pool and wader maintenance services at SAMLARC pools. The shift in vendors was necessitated by the current vendor's decision to terminate its SAMLARC services. 
  • Per LFEC recommendation, approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Santa Margarita Little League to conduct two sports facility projects. SMLL will donate funds to execute infield refurbishment at Tijeras Creek Field #2 and batting cage refurbishment at Cañada Vista Park. SAMLARC is proud to partner with youth sports leagues in offering athletic facilities where children can foster their teamwork and athletic skills. The project will span mid-March to mid-April 2023. 
  • As recommended by the LFEC, approved asphalt repairs and seal coating projects at ten (10) SAMLARC parking lots adjoining the parks. Proactive and prompt maintenance protect the longevity of each parking lot, avoiding costly unforeseen repairs in the future. The project is anticipated to span the first week of April 2023. 
  • Appointed SAMLARC Member Nathan Farnsworth to serve as a SAMLARC Board Director through the 2025 SAMLARC Election. Mr. Farnsworth was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of former Director Robert Louvar. Mr. Farnsworth has been a Member of the SAMLARC community for more than ten years, and the Board looks forward to his insight and contributions to SAMLARC’s future success. 
  • Approved a Special Use Permit at Central Park, permitting The Bridge Church to host their annual Movie Night and Easter Service on April 8-9, 2023.
  • Appointed Directors to serve as SAMLARC Committee Members and Liaisons for the period of March 28, 2023 though the first Board Meeting following the 2024 SAMLARC Election. Each Director will serve in the following capacities: 
    • Executive Board: President Paul Persiani, Vice President Judy Vasquez, Secretary Deborah Christensen, Chief Financial Officer Greg Wieckert 
    • Budget & Cash Flow Committee: Directors Persiani, Wieckert, and Farnsworth 
    • Communications Committee: Directors Horey, Schnieders, and Vasquez 
    • Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee: Directors Christensen, Persiani, and Vasquez 
    • Community Lifestyle Committee: Directors Christensen, Schnieders, and Vasquez 
    • Insurance Review Committee: Directors Christensen, Farnsworth, and Wieckert 
    • Election: Director Horey 
    • Architectural Review Committee (Liaison): Director Vasquez 
    • Covenant Committee (Liaison): Director Christensen 
    • Sports Council (Liaison): Director Farnsworth 
    • Community Associations of Rancho (Liaison): Director Schnieders 
    • Chamber of Commerce (Liaison): Director Schnieders               

All items on the Consent Calendar were approved, including approval and/or ratification of a variety of work authorizations for the ongoing maintenance of SAMLARC assets, as well as contracts with professional service providers.  Protecting the community through high-quality vendor partnerships is a vital part of SAMLARC’s operations. The Board selects vendors based on the experience, services, and competitive bids of each vendor. The following key vendors were awarded various contracts or granted Work Authorizations at the meeting:

  • Upcoming Events
    • Jolly Jumps and Express Events for activities and services at Animals Everywhere
    • The ShowPros Group for audio services during the annual July 4th fireworks display 
  • SAMLARC Programs
    • SweetSpot Tennis at Arroyo Vista Park 
    • Gentle Yoga at the Beach Club 
  • Projects
    • 24HRC for stucco wall repairs 
    • Dave Bang Associates, Inc. for playground repairs at Cielo Vista Park 
    • Purcor Pest Solutions for localized termite treatments at Altisima Park and Arroyo Vista Park 

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to preserving the value, desirability, and attractiveness of all properties within SAMLARC. Per Civil Code 4920, the Open Session and Executive Session Agendas for each meeting are officially posted at the SAMLARC Beach Club and Business Offices. The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting will take place on March 28, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club.