Board Meeting Highlights: January 2023

The SAMLARC Board of Directors held their monthly meeting on January 24, 2023 to discuss the projects and initiatives that maintain and enhance the SAMLARC community.  The Board took action on the following key items: 

  • As determined by the SAMLARC Election Committee and California Corporation Code section 7522(d), declared that Board of Directors Candidates Paul Persiani, Greg Schnieders, and Justin Horey are elected to the Board of Directors for the period of February 23, 2023 through the 2025 Election. 
  • Approved the agenda for the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Membership. The Annual Meeting will be held at the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club on February 23, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. Members interested in attending must RSVP to Tita S. Gervasi, Executive Assistant, at 
  • Adopted the 2023 SAMLARC Architectural Standards and Policies & Guidelines after reviewing Committee, Director, and Member comments. The documents are available to review through the SAMLARC Resident Portal. The documents will come into effect beginning February 8, 2023. 
  • As recommended by the Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee (LFEC), approved the removal and replacement of the paver bricks surrounding the fountain at the Beach Club entrance. The pavers were last replaced in 2011. Over time, the ground in the area has become uneven due to erosion, adjacent plant growth, and normal traffic; these impacts have also affected the pigmentation and appearance of the pavers. The pavers will be installed in early February 2023. 
  • Per recommendation by the LFEC, approved several infield refurbishment projects at the Altisima, Solana, Canada Vista and Vista Verde athletic fields. Regular conditioning (including adding new soil and leveling the fields) protects player safety and the field infrastructures. These projects will take place throughout February and March 2023. 
  • Per recommendation by the LFEC, approved the purchase of new  tarps at the Beach Club to prevent excessive sand displacement during the off-season when high winds are prevalent. The current tarps are due for replacement per SAMLARC’s Reserve Study, and investing in new tarps also decreases the expense of adding new sand and restoring damaged landscape throughout the Beach Club due to sand migration.  
  • As recommended by the Budget & Cash Flow Committee, authorized the reallocation of reserve funds for use during the 2023 fiscal year according to the 2023 Reserve Study.  

All items on the Consent Calendar were approved, including approval and/or ratification of a variety of work authorizations for the ongoing maintenance of SAMLARC assets, as well as contracts with professional service providers.

Protecting the community through high-quality vendor partnerships is a vital part of SAMLARC’s operations. The Board selects vendors based on the experience, services, and competitive bids of each vendor. The following key vendors were awarded contracts at the meeting: 

  • United Storm Water for cleaning and maintenance of the storm drains located in various SAMLARC parking lots. 
  • Premier Aquatic Services, LLC for lifeguarding and boat monitoring services at the Lago Santa Margarita Lagoon, Lake, and pools during the 2023 summer season. 
  • 1st Choice Pool & Spa Solutions for water maintenance services at the SAMLARC pools. 
  • Allied Universal for security and patrol services throughout the SAMLARC community. 
  • Dave Bang Associates for playground equipment and repair services at SAMLARC parks. 
  • White Raven Enterprises, LLC for janitorial services throughout the SAMLARC community. 

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to preserving the value, desirability, and attractiveness of all properties within SAMLARC. Per Civil Code 4920, the Open Session and Executive Session Agendas for each meeting are officially posted at the SAMLARC Beach Club and Business Offices. Courtesy postings are also available at The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting will take place on February 28, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club.