Board Meeting Highlights - July 2023

The SAMLARC Board of Directors held their monthly meeting on July 25, 2023 to discuss projects and initiatives that maintain and enhance the SAMLARC community. The Board acted on the following key items:

  • Appointed SAMLARC Member Jeff Halbreich to serve on the Board of Directors through the 2025 SAMLARC Board Director Election. Filling a vacant seat on the Board, Director Halbreich’s  and previous experience with the SAMLARC Board will strengthen SAMLARC’s ability to serve the community. Director Halbreich served on the Board from 2014-2022, and the Board looks forward to once again partnering with him.
  • Presented SAMLARC Member Curt Stanley with a commendation certificate for his ongoing volunteerism with SAMLARC. Mr. Stanley has resided in Rancho Santa Margarita since 1993 and is passionate about nurturing a sense of community and connection in his volunteerism. The Board honored Mr. Stanley for his special volunteer role at SAMLARC’s Star Spangled Spectacular, where he helped the community celebrate Independence Day by dressing as Uncle Sam and leading the Bike & Trike Parade.
  • As recommended by the Landscape and Facilities Enhancement Committee, approved a renovation project at Altisima Park to convert a tennis court into four pickleball courts. The project is anticipated to begin in Quarter 4 of 2023, with the courts anticipated to open in early 2024.

All items on the Consent Calendar were approved, including approval and/or ratification of a variety of work authorizations for the ongoing maintenance of SAMLARC assets, as well as contracts with professional service providers.  

  • As recommended by the Communications Committee, approved the appointment of SAMLARC Member Camille Pratt to serve on the Communications Committee.
  • As recommended by the LFEC, approved the request of local Boy Scout Candidate, Henry Melberg, to complete his Eagle Scout Service Project at Monte Vista Park. Mr. Melberg will refurbish eight wooden benches at Monte Vista Park.
  • As recommended by the LFEC, approved the installation of two entrance ramps at the Vista Room.
  • As recommended by the LFEC, approved a variety of work authorizations for repairs to and maintenance of pools, fences, utility doors, and HVAC systems throughout the community. 

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to preserving the value, desirability, and attractiveness of all properties within SAMLARC. Per Civil Code 4920, the Open Session and Executive Session Agendas for each meeting are officially posted at the SAMLARC Beach Club and Business Offices. The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting will take place on August 22, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club.