Board Meeting Highlights - September 2023

The SAMLARC Board of Directors held their monthly meeting on September 26, 2023 to discuss the projects and initiatives that maintain and enhance the SAMLARC community. The Board acted on the following key items: 

  • Received an end-of-season report from Beach Club Operations Manager regarding the 2023 summer season includingseason dates, attendance, vendor reports, etc.
  • Per SAMLARC Governing Documents, set the final draft of the 2024 Architectural Standards and Policies & Guidelines on the October 24, 2023 Board Meeting Agenda for review by the Board.
  • As recommended by the Landscape and Facilities Enhancement Committee (LFEC), approved the reorientation of the existing Altisima pickleball courts to face north and south, and for the design of the additional courts to face the same compass directions. The reorientation will reduce glare during the morning and evening hours. The work will be completed beginning in November 2023 and all courts are anticipated to reopen in January 2024.
  • As recommended by the LFEC, approved the the conversion of the Cañada Vista Park Diamond 2 infield from a grass infield to a dirt infield. The conversion will meet the needs of additional user groups as well as the implementation of an adult softball program.  

All items on the Consent Calendar were approved, including approval and/or ratification of a variety of work authorizations for the ongoing maintenance of SAMLARC assets, as well as contracts with professional service providers.

  • Approved the installation of a commemorative plaque on a Lakeshore bench in memory of SAMLARC Master Planner Richard Reese.
  • Approved the 2024 Board Meeting Calendar.
  • As recommended by the Community Lifestyle Committee, approved the appointments of SAMLARC Member Sonya Winder and Apartment Liaison Mario Davis to serve on the Community Lifestyle Committee.
  • Approved key contracts for the ongoing maintenance of SAMLARC’s facilities and infrastructure, including partnerships with the following:
    • VanDerPol and Company for audit and tax preparation services
    • SmartProperty for Reserve Study software and analysis
    • Brightview Landscape Services, Inc. And Andre Landscape Service, Inc. for landscape maintenance throughout SAMLARC property.
    • Lake Management, Inc. For maintenance of the Beach Club Lagoon and Lago Santa Margarita
    • E&C Mystic Cleaning & Janitorial Services, Inc. For bus station and shelter maintenance
    • SoCal Property Services for parking lot street sweeping
    • Jolly Jumps and Express Events, and Chic Party Rentals for activities, entertainment, and materials at SAMLARC events

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to preserving the value, desirability, and attractiveness of all properties within SAMLARC. Per Civil Code 4920, the Open Session and Executive Session Agendas for each meeting are officially posted at the SAMLARC Beach Club and Business Offices. The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting will take place on October 24, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club.