Fire Safety & Preparedness Community Meeting – June 6

As California approaches wildfire season, the City of Rancho Santa Margarita will host an informational meeting to help homeowners learn how to protect their property, loved ones, and community. The meeting will include presentations from Orange County Fire Authority and Orange County Sheriff’s Department. 


Presentations will explore: wildfire prevention; emergency preparedness; smoke detectors, alarms, and fire extinguishers; fire insurance; and evacuation preparedness. Southern California Edison will also share information regarding SCE’s Public Safety Power Shutoff protocols. 


This informational evening will provide homeowners with important insights on home hardening, wildfire risk, and the ways that civil agencies approach natural emergencies. As California’s wildfires increase in intensity, SAMLARC and other large-scale HOAs are working to proactively protect their communities and maintain insurance coverage. However, the efforts of individual homeowners can make a difference in reducing the potential spread of a wildfire through home hardening, prudent landscaping, and preparing for potential emergencies. 


The event will be held at the Bell Tower Regional Community Center and begins at 6:30 PM. Registration is not required – learn more at