Rain & Sports Fields at SAMLARC

SAMLARC’s partnership with youth sports leagues is an important facet of building a dynamic lifestyle for Members and their families. Throughout the year, SAMLARC’s parks, fields, and courts are filled with athletes developing their skills. However, during inclement weather, SAMLARC’s operations shift to protect player safety and the long-term structure of the fields.

After a rain event, SAMLARC Management and professional vendors visit each field to determine soil compaction, water saturation, wind and sun exposure, and turf stability. If equipment can be safely operated on an infield and  weather conditions are cooperative, the infield  can be scarified (narrow grooves will be dragged into the dirt) to hasten drying time. 

In grass areas, SAMLARC’s proactive maintenance has helped to improve drainage and turf root systems; however, the turf may take longer to reopen if the soil has been oversaturated. It is important to wait to use the fields until SAMLARC has determined their open/closed status; if the fields experience heavy use immediately after a rain event, player safety will be compromised, and the fields will take longer to restore. Combinations of infield/outfield areas and game/practice delineations will be published through the SAMLARC Mudline.

The Mudline is updated at 2 PM on weekdays and 7:30 AM on weekends at and via voice recording at 949448-6217.