Safe Mail Practices

Over the past several months, SAMLARC has received reports of mailbox vandalism and deterioration throughout the community, which has been an unfortunate and frustrating inconvenience for many residents. SAMLARC has connected with impacted residents to provide information on SAMLARC’s responsibilities and homeowner options for moving forward. As the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) works diligently to protect the community, residents can also work to protect their homes and property through the following best practices: 

Retrieve your mail every day 

By taking a few minutes each day to pick up your mail, you can add a few steps into your day, enjoy the sunshine, and reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of theft or fraud. 

Track your packages 

Take advantage of convenient shipping alerts to know when to expect a package at your porch, post/package center, or “locker.” If a package has been marked as delivered but you did not receive it, then report the theft or loss to the product company, shipping company, and OCSD. 

If your community mailbox has been vandalized, report it promptly to both USPS and OCSD. USPS will be able to arrange alternative mail pickup options, and OCSD will open a police report. 

USPS: 949-888-1533 

OCSD: 949-770-6011 x 9  

Prepare for replacement 

Just like fences and doors, mailboxes will occasionally need replacement. SAMLARC does not own or maintain mailboxes, mailbox structures, or mailbox posts.  Thus, none of SAMLARC’s assessment dollars go towards the maintenance of the mailboxes. Thus, purchasing and installing a replacement may require collaboration between neighbors. USPS recommends for cluster mailboxes, many of which harmonize with SAMLARC’s community design.  Before purchasing the mailbox, contact SAMLARC to confirm its cohesion with SAMLARC’s Architectural Standards, and contact USPS to appropriately manage the USPS delivery door.