Santa Margarita Water District & Water Efficiency at SAMLARC

With the State’s recent declaration of drought conditions throughout California, many water providers are working to implement water conservation measures in their service areas. Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD), which provides water services for the SAMLARC community, is similarly encouraging its customers to be thoughtful in their water usage.

SMWD gave a presentation at the July 25, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting on the current drought conditions specific to the District’s service area. SMWD has declared a Stage 2 Water Shortage, and hopes to avoid mandates by voluntarily reducing customer water usage by 15%.

As outlined by SMWD, simple ways for homeowners to reduce water consumption include:

  • Adjust outdoor watering schedules: Limit watering to 3 times per week, water during the cooler times of the day (6pm – 8am), and test irrigation systems

  • Implement water-wise plants into your home landscaping: SMWD’s demonstration garden includes plant palettes that both harmonize with SAMLARC’s community design and thrive in California’s climate

  • If you hear a dripping faucet, leaky hose, or running toilet, identify the source and check water meters, then fix leaks within 48 hours

  • Use a pool or spa cover to combat high evaporation rates and reduce the frequency of refilling

Visit the SMWD website to learn more about water conservation in and around your home.

As a master homeowners association, SAMLARC is keenly aware of the importance of caring for the community’s landscape. SAMLARC has implemented operational changes that balance efficient water usage with maintaining healthy landscapes, including:

  • Smart irrigation controllers and drip irrigation systems

  • Turf removal projects: SAMLARC is using grant funding from SMWD and Metropolitan Water District to remove turf grass in low-visibility sections of the community and replant using water-wise plant material

  • Drought Management Plan: SAMLARC is prepared to implement drought-specific operational changes to its landscape regimens should the State mandate reductions.

SAMLARC invites Members to help conserve community water by reporting potential irrigation issues to the Business Office (949-709-0010) or the Beach Club Office (949-858-1390).