Keep Wildlife Wild at SAMLARC

Just like bees & butterflies, waterfowl play an important role in ecosystems everywhere. However, the overpopulation of Canada Geese at the Lago Santa Margarita is damaging the Lake's balance of harmony, safety, wellness, & appearance. Throughout the year, SAMLARC conducts activities that safely encourage the geese to migrate away from the Lake, Beach Club, and SAMLARC Parks, reducing the effects of overpopulation.

How does overpopulation of Canada Geese harm the Lake?

Health & Safety: Geese can carry diseases on their bodies & in their feces that could make Members (and other animals) sick. In addition, the geese are aggressive, particularly during mating season. Overpopulation increases the risks of pollution, illness, & confrontation for both birds & people.

Unbalanced Ecosystem: Overpopulation & the resulting scarcity of food/nesting space deters other animals from living at the Lake. The lack of biodiversity disrupts the complex, beneficial relationships between birds, mammals, fish, & insects.

Bad Habits: When geese become reliant on human foods (like bread), they stop foraging in the wild for nutritious foods that help develop strong bones & healthy offspring. Feeding the geese also attracts more geese than the ecosystem can support.

Stewardship: Geese activity has affected Members' usage of the Beach Club & Lake. The birds also harm the plants & water, increasing the need for basic maintenance instead of cultivating a lush environment for Members to enjoy.


SAMLARC will use a combination of decoys, lights, & chasing devices (none of which cause physical harm) to discourage geese from overpopulating the Lakeshore, Beach Club, & SAMLARC Parks.

What can I do to help support the Lake?

Follow this simple rule to support the health of all creatures: Keep Wildlife Wild. Never feed wild animals or encourage behaviors that increase reliance on humans. Help preserve the safety & harmony of our community!