Altisima Pool Facility Renovation

SAMLARC is committed to supporting safe, attractive, and well-maintained amenities, from parks and pools to parking lots. When possible, SAMLARC streamlines its facility maintenance by completing projects during low-traffic seasons and combining projects to reduce the length of facility closures. Proactive maintenance is an integral part of protecting the longevity of SAMLARC’s amenities, and the Board of Directors appreciates Members’ patience as SAMLARC works throughout the community.

The Altisima Pool facility is undergoing extensive renovation so that Members can enjoy an attractive and safe amenity for years to come. From January through March, the project will focus on the pool and wader areas.

Pool & wader improvements: 

  • Plaster surfaces hydroblasted and replastered 

  • Trim tile installed on steps 

  • New interior and exterior depth markers installed 

  • Waterline tile replacement 

  • New coping

Pool-specific improvements: 

  • New race lane tiles 
  • New handrails 
  • New targets 
  • New deep end wall steps 
  • New LED lights 
  • New drain covers 

In March and early April, maintenance work will be completed in additional areas of the facility. The floor coating of the restrooms will be refurbished to remediate normal wear and tear in high-traffic areas, refreshing the aesthetics and extending the structural integrity of the coating. After the restroom floors have been refurbished, work will begin on the outdoor facility decking. The deck will be refurbished as part of the multi-year maintenance schedule. Replacing the deck overlay material is critical to protecting the decks from significant damage and structural deterioration.

The Altisima pool facility is anticipated to reopen in mid-April. Thank you for your patience as we work to maintain a beautiful community!