Beach Club Deck & Sand Projects

As part of SAMLARC's commitment to maintaining a premier community, professional service providers will be executing two large-scale projects at the Beach Club to protect and enhance the facility’s infrastructure. These projects will be paid for through SAMLARC’s reserve funds, and are expected to take place December 20, 2022 - January 24, 2023 while the Beach Club is closed for the season. The Beach Club Office will remain open daily from 9AM-5PM; however, the restrooms will be closed during this time.

Deck Resurfacing

The Beach Club concrete decks will be resurfaced to preserve the decks and increase safety throughout the Beach Club. The Beach Club deck panels were originally installed in 1985; while minor repairs and mastic replacements have been executed over the years, the decks have reached the end of their anticipated service life. The specialized resurfacing material will retain traction when wet, is easy to maintain, and will enhance the aesthetics of the decks.

Lagoon Sand Replenishment

The sand along the Lagoon perimeter will be replenished in order to maintain the Lagoon’s resort-style environment and protect the safety of families as they play in the sand. Beginning in 2017, the Board implemented a 5-year replenishment timeline for Lagoon sand; prior to this, the sand had not been replenished since 1985, when the Lagoon was built. Regular replenishment counteracts the effects of heavy traffic, filtration, and inclement weather. The sand is specifically selected for its fineness and will be consistent with the current sand at the Lagoon. 

For questions regarding this project, please contact Star Meza, Beach Club Operations Manager, at