SAMLARC Committee Spotlight: Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee

The Landscape and Facilities Enhancement Committee (LFEC) meets monthly to review projects that impact SAMLARC’s common areas, including pools, parks, the Lake, and greenbelts. Over the course of 2023, the LFEC recommended the Board pursue more than 98 projects to maintain and enhance the physical assets of the community. The projects below are just a glimpse of the work that SAMLARC performed this year to preserve a beautiful and long-lasting community.  

Vista Room 

The Vista Room at Altisima Park opened in June for Members to host parties, small meetings, and celebrations. This former staff office was renovated as an indoor-outdoor recreation space that opens onto the Altisima pool deck and picnic area. The room features a kitchenette with full-size refrigerator, sink, and microwave as well as modular tables and chairs. The Vista Room is open for reservations now – learn more here 

Beach Club 

Several projects have taken place this year at the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club. The Beach Club decking, which was original to the facility’s opening in the 1980s, was completely overhauled in January with the installation of attractive and slip-resistant coating. In addition, new brick pavers were placed around the Beach Club fountain to replace damaged and eroded pavers. The lifeguard stands were replaced prior to the summer season, and after the close of summer, new tarps that emulate the color of the sand were brought in to prevent the loss of sand and wind damage to the high-quality sand. 

Fields & Courts 

As youth sports continue to play an important role in community, SAMLARC is strengthening its relationships with local leagues through offering high-quality facilities. Five baseball brick dust infields have been refurbished this year, two fields have been converted to LED lighting and the Solana basketball court has been resurfaced – all with the goal of protecting the longevity of these facilities and ensure players can enjoy these amenities for years to come. In late 2023, the infield turf at one of Canada Vista Park’s ballfields will be converted to a brick dust infield, allowing both baseball and softball leagues to enjoy the facilities at greater capacity. 

Parks & Trails 

Though the focal point of SAMLARC’s parks are the trees, playgrounds, and places to play, park infrastructure is critical to pleasant visitor experiences. Over the course of this year, 213 light poles were refurbished; 70 benches were refinished, 55 park signs were replaced, and 10 full parking lots were resealed. In addition, the bocce ball court at Central Park was leveled and resurfaced with crushed oyster shells per traditional court standards 


SAMLARC’s landscape is the Association’s largest asset, and as California’s environment changes, SAMLARC is working to realistically address the aging landscape and increased wildfire risks. Two Defensible Space projects were carried out behind perimeter neighborhoods to reduce the risk of wildfire spread. Additionally, 22,469 sq ft. of non-functional sidewalk turf was replaced with waterwise landscaping, at no cost to SAMLARC thanks to grant funding from the Metropolitan Water District. 


Thanks to SAMLARC’s proactive Lake Management Plan, the Lake’s water quality has been stable throughout the year. In addition to the spring and fall fish stocking, the fish have produced multiple successful spawns. By partnering with specialized vendors, SAMLARC can address seasonal changes in the Lake’s ecosystem, preserving the overall health of the Lago Santa Margarita. 


This year, the Board of Directors elected to bring on a new vendor to improve maintenance at all four pools and waders. The vendor onboarding process includes a comprehensive review of all equipment and refining service routines for efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, SAMLARC schedules major projects for the off-season whenever possible to reduce impacts on Members’ swimming experiences during the summer – over the course of 2023, SAMLARC replaced 3 pool heaters, several filtration & circulation components, and repaired a variety of pool deck areas. In addition, the wood trellises at Solana and Arroyo Vista Pools were repaired and replaced to maintain the integrity of the structures over time. 

The Board recognizes that a proactive approach to facility management is vital to a long-lasting and welcoming community. Thank you for your patience and partnership as SAMLARC works to provide beautiful spaces for Members to enjoy for years to come. 

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