SAMLARC On-Site: Parking Lot Project

SAMLARC will be conducting parking lot repairs and maintenance throughout the community from September 25-30. This large-scale project takes place approximately every three years and is critical to maintaining the structure and appearance of each parking lot. First, a specialty pavement sealer will be applied to the parking lots to minimize damage from water penetration, sun damage, vehicular chemicals, and environmental conditions. The parking stalls will then be restriped with fresh paint. 

Each parking lot on the project schedule will be closed for approximately one and a half days. The parks and facilities will remain open. The anticipated schedule is as follows: 

  • Monday-Tuesday: Lakeshore, Central, Cañada Vista, and Vista Verde Parks parking lots (reopening Tuesday afternoon)
  • Wednesday-Thursday: Beach Club, Arroyo Vista, Solana Parks parking lots (reopening Wednesday afternoon)
  • Friday-Saturday: Cielo Vista, Altisima, Monte Vista Parks parking lots (reopening Saturday afternoon) 

For questions regarding this project, please contact Eric Rosenkrantz, Capital & Reserve Project Manager, at