Arroyo Vista Turf Replacement Project

With more than 300 acres of parks, medians, slopes, and common areas, SAMLARC’s landscape is its largest asset and requires comprehensive care. As the Board of Directors works to protect the health and aesthetics of SAMLARC’s landscape, Members will see changes to certain greenbelts and streetscapes beginning in 2022.

 Beginning March 14, 2022, SAMLARC will execute a Turf Conversion Program along Arroyo Vista Street. The planting strips (i.e., green areas between the sidewalk and curb) will be converted away from turf grass and replanted with water-wise plants. Additionally, the existing irrigation system will be replaced with more efficient drip-irrigation equipment. This project is anticipated to conclude by May 15, 2022.

 The project was approved by the Board of Directors after careful evaluation of its benefits to SAMLARC. The project is fully funded by grants and rebates from the Metropolitan Water District, with the intention of reducing water usage in passive areas of landscape. Within this area alone, implementation of the project is anticipated to reduce water usage by 50% and associated maintenance costs by 66%. Optimizing SAMLARC’s resources and assets is an important priority for the Board, particularly as SAMLARC continues to age and California focuses on refining its state-wide water usage.

 Thank you for your patience as SAMLARC works to nurture the community’s environment. For questions regarding the project, please contact Jerry Corpuz, SAMLARC Assistant General Manager, at