Reserve & Capital Projects

SAMLARC continually reinvests in the community to protect Rancho Santa Margarita's reputation as a premiere master-planned community.

Maintaining SAMLARC's community facilities - from pool decks to parking lots - requires strategic planning and execution. Throughout the year, you'll see SAMLARC team members and vendors completing projects that keep the community safe, valuable, and welcoming .

Projects can be grouped into two categories: Reserve Projects and Capital Improvement Projects. Repair of replacement of large community assets, such as playground equipment and tennis court resurfacing projects come from reserve funds once its useful life has been reached. A portion of the monthly assessments goes to the various reserve accounts to save for the repair or replacement of assets. Capital improvement projects are additions to the community that enhance the SAMLARC's value and relevance. Capital improvements are also funded by homeowner monthly assessments.

Latest Project Highlights

Tile Roof Project

The tile-roofed buildings throughout SAMLARC are undergoing repairs to maintain the structural in...

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